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Swell Rehab Services

What is it? Swell Rehabilitation is designed with the injured client in mind. We incorporate a hybrid model of care through in-person sessions as well as digital check ins to make sure that you are accountable with your exercise program. It also ensures that the strategies we teach you during our session together are utilized. We want to help you succeed in your goals.

Who is this for? Any individual who is injured or is a post surgical client. This can include but is not limited to muscle strains, ligament sprains, tendon injuries, lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, and osteoarthritis.

Why do we offer this service? At Swell, we believe that successful outcomes are generated through a combination of active-based care, an individualized treatment approach, and through multiple touch points with your treatment team.

A Session Includes:

1 on 1 Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment

Diagnosis & Individualized Treatment Plan

Gym or Home Exercise Program

Digital Check Ins

$150.00/60 min Initial Assessment

$120.00/45 min Follow Up Treatment

Swell Rehab Athlete Treatment

What is it? Rehab like an Athlete. This service is for clientele who may want increased accountability and multiple touch points throughout the week. We deliver this service through a hybrid model of care. Clients first book a Physiotherapy Assessment to assess your concerns. Once the assessment is complete, an individualized program will be designed based on the individual’s needs. Weekly supervised small group classes will be utilized for accountability. For an extra layer of support, digital check ins will be completed to ensure accountability and provide easier access to your treatment team for any questions or concerns while away from the clinic. Discharge testing is performed at the end of the program.

Who is this for? Any individual who has an affinity for movement and exercise and would like to rehab like a professional athlete does.

Why do we offer this service? At Swell Physio we believe injury prevention is the key to leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. We want to offer a service where individuals can make use of the expertise of our staff while learning how to move better in a supervised manner. 

This Treatment Option Includes:

1 on 1 45 minute Treatment

1x Weekly Small Group Supervised Exercise

Individualized Gym Exercise Program

Digital Check ins

$150/60 min Initial Assessment

$170 Per Week/Follow Up Treatment

What is it? Pilates is a form of strength training that focuses on motor control, flexibility, endurance, and postural stability. Clinical Pilates takes these Pilates principles and combines it with physiotherapy assessment and treatment. Specific Pilates exercises will be emphasized as part of your physiotherapy treatment and home exercise program.

Who is this for? This service is for anyone who is injured and would like to incorporate Clinical Pilates into their treatment plan. Clinical Pilates is also a great cross-training option for athletes who are injured.

Why do we offer this service? At Swell we believe you should be entitled to multiple service options. We want individuals to feel that they have options in how they achieve their rehabilitation goals.

A Session Includes:

1 on 1 Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment

Diagnosis and Individualize Treatment Plan

Pilates Based Exercise Program

Digital Check ins

$150.00/60 min Initial Assessment

$120.00/45 min Follow Up Treatment

Sport Readiness Test

What is it? The Sport Readiness Test is a battery of testing that combines strength, functional movements, and power to provide you with an overall view of your current ability level. It plays an important role in the transition from rehabilitation to performance and is an integral part of injury prevention and preventing re-injury.

Who would benefit from this? The Sport Readiness Test is for two types of individuals: those who are injured and are wanting to return to sport safely or for those healthy individuals who want baseline data. Baseline data is helpful in the case of future injury as it can be used to determine what an individual requires to safely return to their pre-injured level of function.

Why do we collect this data? The gold standard for return to sport testing is to have both pre and post injury data available for the individual to ensure a safe and effective return to sport or activity. Research shows that a Sport Readiness Test can reduce the risk of injury or the need for further surgical interventions. The screen works by detecting deficits that may increase risk of injury. If you’re not testing, you’re guessing.

This Service Includes:

Battery of Testing: Strength, Power, Mobility

Identification of Performance Indicators

Recognition of Deficits that may Increase Risk of Injury

$120.00/45 min for an Individual

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