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Swell Golf

Swell Golf’s Philosophy

Welcome to Swell Golf Physio where our motto is Swing well with Swell. We want to work with golfers who need help with rehabbing from an injury that is keeping them off the course.

At Swell Golf Physio we understand golf is an investment. Between the cost of equipment to the cost of memberships. We want to keep golfers on the course so they can continue to develop their skills and enjoy the game of golf. Swell Golf Physio is dedicated to helping golfers of all levels manage injuries, prevent injuries and reach their full potential.

Swell Golf Physio will work with you to address any physical limitations or imbalances that may be holding you back on the course. Whether it’s improving your flexibility and mobility, building strength and power, or developing better movement patterns, our team is looking forward to helping you succeed. So if you are serious about improving your health and managing your injuries, look no further. Swell golf Physio is here to help so you can reach your full potential in the sport of golf!

Meet Swell Golf Physio

Nicholas Yorgason


Nicholas Yorgason holds his Doctor of Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne. Prior to obtaining his Physiotherapy degree, he attended the University of Lethbridge where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. Between these two degrees and over 5 years of work experience  Nicholas has found a passion for helping individuals recover form injuries and return to sport successfully.  

Nicholas grew up playing golf with his grandmother and sister and found a passion for the game at a relatively young age. He understands that golf is an investment and he looks to help keep other passionate golfers on the course where they can continue to grow their skillset and enjoy the game.

Nicholas combines his exercise expertise and knowledge of the human body to create a service that helps clients return to the course following an injury. This service is inclusive: whether the golfers are hobbyist’s or have higher aspirations, Nicholas looks forward to working with them.

Nicholas is certified in TPI Level 1, Acupuncture Level 1, Functional Dry Needling level 1 and Selective Functional Movement Screens Level 1 and 2


Swell Golf Physio is dedicated to managing Adult and Junior Golfer injuries. Both service options are available at our Red Deer and Stettler Clinics. Swell Golf Physio wants you to be able to play the game you love without the restriction of pain.

Physiotherapy Session

We’ll start with a comprehensive head to toe movement, strength and power assessment that we like to Call the Rehab Your Game Evaluation. We utilize this tool to dive into exactly what is holding you back from being the best version of yourself. We identify the “roadblocks” that are preventing you from reaching your ultimate goals. From the evaluation, together we come up with a treatment plan to navigate these “roadblocks”. At Swell Golf Physio, we want you to feel heard. Every step of the way is a collaboration together so you are ending up at the destination you want to be at.

Service Cost